Aerial photo and video services

Aerial photos

Wheather its to sell real estate, promote a project or shoot a documentary, aerial pictures are the ideal tool to dynamize your communication.

You probably have heard the saying : '' One picture is better than a thousand words'' 

This sentance never made more sense than during this numeric era in which we live. Aerial pictures are much more attractive than classic pictures. Taking picture from above allows you add value to your project in a very innovative way through original and professionnal aerial pictures.

Aerial pictures are delivered raw (without editing or corrections).

You can check out the aerial photos package section for an overview of the services we offer.


Aerial videos

Since a few years, video became very attractive. We know, per example, that a video increases the click rate by 90% in emails. The average internet surfer will click twice more on a video link than a text link.

There is an estimated 90% of Quebecers that watch videos monthly on the internet.

Wheather its to film real estate, a concert, a farming facility or a sports event, aerial videos will provide you with unique and spectacular results

We provide you with professionnal full HD and 4K aerial videos. Our drone are performant, precise and stable in order to achieve very fluide camera motions.

Aerial videos will be delivered raw (without editing or corrections).

Go to the aerial videos package page to find out what services we offer.


Photo editing and video editing

Skeyeview maitrise la chaine de production : préparation et prises de vues, post-production, livraison finale.

Nous fournissons toujours les photos et vidéos en format brute. Afin d’obtenir une image ou vidéo encore plus spectaculaire, nous vous proposons plusieurs services de post-production (correction, retouche, incrustation texte, montage).

For details on our detailed services, you can consult the photo / video retouching section.


Reactivity and Timeline

Our reactivity and availability is one of our strength. We guaranty that we will send you a detailed quote within 24hrs from your request.

We deliver our projects within 72 hours following our shooting.

We are available 7 days a week and are able to perform the shooting within 2 days delay in order to respond to your reality and delays.


Skeyeview loves the planet

Our drones are electric and use LiPo batteries (lithium polymere). They are very quite and ecological. We are proud to be a CO2 and noise free operation.